Three Ways to Pitch us


We are a pre-seed and seed stage fund that backs the best founders from India! We typically invest $100K to $300k in your first round. We usually invest on a convertible note with very simple, founder-friendly terms which means it takes less than a week to get the money into your bank account from the day we decide to invest.

You could be at a paper-plan stage, have an MVP built or you may even have a functional product with paying customers or active users. We have even helped founders scope out ideas and help them select the problem they want to solve. Essentially, the day you decide to go All In on your startup - we are ready to hold your hand and take the plunge with you so it’s never early too early to reach out to us. Really!

If you are raising under $1M we can lead or co-lead your round and help you put together the rest of the round via warm introductions to our Venture Partner Network, other founders/operators that we know well, and by bringing in other friendly VCs that we admire.

If you are raising more than $1M then we are happy to be the first ones to commit to the round (and wire our money!) and we will work with you to help you find a lead VC. We don’t wait for others to commit.

Apart from the capital, you get access to a team of ex-/current founders and operators whose shared network and expertise you can bank upon in good times and bad. We typically form a WhatsApp group with the venture partners who invested in you + us + your founding team — which becomes your personal BrainTrust. You can ping us anytime for anything — product/legal/tech/marketing/fund-raising etc. Usually, we either have the answers or we know someone who was in your shoes and solved the problem you are facing :-)

We also get you to access credits from 50+ different products and services like AWS, Freshworks,Notion, Zoho, PR agencies, Laptop rentals, etc to get you started.

When you are ready, we also connect you to and prep you for meetings with VCs from India and abroad who can lead your first institutional round!