From Elon Musk betting his last dollar on Tesla to the Wright brothers flying in obscurity for six years before the world took notice. Building something truly original and world-changing has always required the builder to go All In.

It takes everything you’ve got - time, capital, sweat, and tears. We respect and admire this commitment that every founder makes as they start their company.

We are here to back you with our capital, time and network and go All In with you as you take the plunge.

We are - All In Capital.

All In Capital is a community of, and for founders, who are going All In

We are a new type of VC fund that invests in Indian startups through a community of founders, who help us identify the next generation of founders to back. They also help support them through their company-building journey.

Founded by Kushal Bhagia & Aditya Singh, we’ve partnered with 150+ founders so far.

We provide more than just funding

We invest USD 100k to 300k in pre-seed / seed stage Indian startups. We are usually the first ones to commit and wire so you can continue building!

But beyond that you also get :

100+ Founder community

Find early users and ask for any help. Learn from the experience of our founding partners

VC Intros & Connections

Warm intros to every fund across the globe and connections for anything you need help with - from product to marketing

Narrative is King

Your startup’s narrative attracts users, employees, and investors. Having done this with 100+ teams, we will help you craft the best possible narrative for your company!

2 AM Friends

We don’t have any EAs or associates you have to get through to reach us. For founders we back, we are always available - just a WhatsApp ping away!

Let’s go all in together.

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